1. IT logs onto the PC with local admin privileges / runs the following installers with elevated privileges
2. Nurse logs onto https://vpn.oxnet.nhs.uk/ (the Nurse must login to “Oxfordshire-GP”) and downloads the VPN client
3. IT installs the VPN client on the target PC
4. The nurse connects to the VPN using his/her credentials
5. IT connects to (username and password required – available via phone from myself or EMIS support) and downloads “SDS 6 Install.exe”
6. IT installs “SDS 6 Install.exe” obtaining the nurses surgery site ID to complete the installation
7. The nurse logs into EMIS
8. IT completes the auto-updating of the software
9. IT logs off local admin / removes elevated privileges and disconnects EMIS and VPN
10. Nurse runs through the VPN connection and EMIS launch using their own user account