1. Import the FirstName, LastName and EmailAddress from all sent emails into individual contacts in the” Suggested Contacts” folder inside of the systems default Outlook profile via:

powershell script “import_sent_contacts_updated.ps1”

2. Export the “Suggested Contacts” folder from within the Outlook “Options > Advanced > Export” feature. Filterout the fields so only Firstname, Lastname and EmailAddress are exported to an excel file

3. Delete the “Suggested Contacts” list from Outlook

4. Filter out the duplicates via “Filter > Advanced Filter > No Duplicates” from the excel file

5. Extract firstname from email address excel formula where C2 contains the email address:

=IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(“@”,LEFT(C2,FIND(“.”,C2)-1))), LEFT(LEFT(C2,FIND(“.”,C2)-1),FIND(“@”,LEFT(C2,FIND(“.”,C2)-1))-1), LEFT(C2,FIND(“.”,C2)-1))

Extract the lastname if format is first.last:

=IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH(“.”,C3)), RIGHT(MID(C3,FIND(“.”,C3),FIND(“@”,C3)-FIND(“.”,C3)),LEN(MID(C3,FIND(“.”,C3),FIND(“@”,C3)-FIND(“.”,C3)))-1),C3)

6. Create a CSV from the excel file that has 3 columns (Type, Name, Email Address) where:

Type is “SMTP” or “EX” where SMTP=external addresses and EX=Exchange addresses

Name is “Firstname, Lastname”

EmailAddress is the email address

7. Close Outlook

8. Launch NK2Editor and open the steamautocomplete……dat file

9. Delete the contents

10. Action > Import from simple CSV > Select the formatted CSV file we created

11. Save