Backup Process, pre-upgrade

Use a powered USB hub to connect the Linx OTG, USB (8GB) Pen drive, Large USB drive, keyboard and mouse

  1. Backup the images via “File History” > “System Image” to the large disk within Win8.1
  2. Install Macrium Reflect Free
  3. Create Macrium rescue USB drive and then boot into it (power off then hold power+vol up to get to boot mgr) to test it works
  4. Reboot to Win8.1
  5. Create backup images of the partitions using Macrium to the large USB drive


  1. Download all Windows updates to obtain the free upgrade to Windows 7 option
  2. Export all drivers to the large backup disk (in my case the e:\ drive) using PowerShell
    NOTE: I didn’t actually need these, it’s good to backup though! ```
    Export-WindowsDriver –Online -Destination e:\export-drivers
  3. Download the drivers from the linx site—drivers&sid=ad908ed3eafdbd149ed7c8018a56e3af (you will need an account to do so, which is free)
    NOTE: I didn’t actually need these, it’s good to backup though!
  4. Run Windows Updates to get the upgrade (24 hours left at time of writing this oops!). I would guess it’s possible to create a bootable installation USB from licensed media in the future and will re-visit this guide when I do that.
  5. Let Windows manage the installation, I had to install an external Micro SD Card to house the downloaded data.

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