We have a number of Dell Optiplex 9010’s in use running Windows 7 Enterprise x64 which have Intel’s USB 3 chipset C216. However, the Dell cab file of drivers did not appear to contain a suitable driver for the systems via our deployment mechanism.

Once the machines were imaged and booting I attempted to install the latest USB3 driver from the Dell support pages (v1.0.8.251 ,A05) but the installation failed with a BSOD (Stop 0x0000007e), no matter how I tried to install the driver.

I then tried an older version (v1.0.6.245,A03) and that exhibited the same symptoms.

I then tried the oldest version available from Dell (v1.0.4.220,A01) and this worked without a BSOD! Note it’s the “Chipset_Driver_JPJJT_WN32_1.0.4.220_A01.EXE” file.

Hope this helps others!